Sunday, October 25, 2015

Klingon Ships for FT

I have finally started painting the rest of the Klingon fleet. As motivation, I did the FT stats for the core ships. These ships should prove useful against the main Federation vessels found elsewhere in the blog.
Core Federation Ships
Additional Federation Ships
Variant Federation Ships

Note, the "D" weapons are "disruptors". These work the same as pulse torpedoes (photon torpedoes), except they do a fixed 2 pts of damage and cost a mass of 3 (+1 per extra arc) instead of 4.

First is the D5 War Cruiser. A medium sized ship built purely for war.

The D5W is an upgunned Heavy War Cruiser.

And finally, the venerable D7 Battlecruiser. A little less powerful than the Federation constitution class cruiser. Note, this ship is confugured with a science lab similar to the Federation cruiser. During a major war, that space may well be refitted to improve combat effectiveness.

While raising the subject of the science lab space, it might be appropriate to mention some rules. Typically, the Federation conducts research and exploration missions with its ships more often that military actions.
A ship conducting research (on a planet) must first establish orbit (see the FT rules), and then spend a turn collecting research data. For each point of lab space on the ship, roll a d6. A score of 5 results in one point of data collected , while a roll of a 6 results in one point, plus a re-roll. A typical mission might require accumulating 5 points of research to consider the mission successful. Of course, it wouldn't be a game if there wasn't an enemy vessel either trying to collect the scientific data first, or simply destroy the research vessel.
In a purely research oriented mission, a dedicated science vessel, with a larger lab, might be deployed to conduct the research, while being protected by a military vessel.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

BFG Ships for Full Thrust

I posted some BFG ships a couple of years ago, but seem to have deleted some of them. I also realised that someone asked for the points cost for them. So, here are some updated FT ship diagrams.

While I have retained the BFG ship classes, they are all much larger classes when compared to FT ships. This is in part due to the physical size of the ships and in part due to the weaponry.

The Weapons labeled with a "T" are standard FT pulse torpedoes and those labeled "L" are long range torpedoes.




Brickvention 2015

Once again we went to Brickvention this past January. It is an amazing collection of lego displays.

For me, this year's highlight was a fantastic snow white mosaic made from small angular pieces of lego. Viewed from one side it looked like snow white, and from the other the evil queen. The photos don't do it justice.




Thursday, March 19, 2015

Some Space Fleets

It has been a while since I posted anything. So here are a few pictures.
The first shows some of my FT fleets.

The red ships are (old) New Swabian League from GZG, the blue ones are GW Imperials, the white are Federation ships from ADB. The bronze are Tholians also from ADB. The green ships are Savasku from GZG and there is also a small squadron of ADB klingons and ADB Seltorians.

The second shot shows my complete Federation Fleet. (well, we all know that "complete" means "for now" - there are whole classes of ship I am yet to acquire).
From left to right:
6 Battleships
3 Dreadnoughts (light batleships)
6 Battlecruisers
6 Heavy Cruisers (Constitution class)
3 Strike Cruisers & 3 Fast Cruisers
3 Destroyers & 3 Light Destroyers
3 Fast Destroyers & 3 Scouts
6 "old" Light Cruisers
6 Frigates
3 Battle-Frigates

Now to paint some more Klingons...

The FT stats for all of the Federation ships are scattered throughout this blog. Look for the Star Trek tags.