Saturday, April 14, 2018

Infiltrating through the Iron Volley

After their backstabbing raid into the Uthuk Y’llan homeland to desecrate the sacred groves, the cowardly Daqan withdrew back to their own lands leaving their peasant archers to defend the border. The Uthuk Y’llan, however, were not about to let this insult go unpunished and mounted a raid of their own to infiltrate the enemy territory and exact revenge.

[Rule note: For the campaign we decided that we would follow the normal scenario set up rules and select one scenario each from a random draw of 3 cards. However, once that scenario card is used, it is removed from the deck thus reducing the future choices and ensuring that each battle is different. In this game, the Uthuk selected "Power of Infiltration" (C3) and the Daqan selected "Iron Volley" (A2). The choice was interesting as both scenarios required the players to score victory points by killing enemy units.]


The Daqan forces deployed 5 units of Yeoman Archers, supported by 2 units of Greyhaven Mages and a Siege Golem. Their plan was to hold back and defeat the Uthuk through sheer firepower. The Uthuk deployed a mixed force comprising Viper Legion archers, infantry in the form of Berserkers and Blood Harvesters, 3 units of Flesh Rippers, and a Chaos Lord.

The Daqan scouts must have detected the Uthuk Y’llan preparing to invade, as they reacted quickly and began a Line Advance, moving some archers forward to secure a victory banner and occupying the nearby crystal spire with the siege golem (This allowed any unit that started its move on this hex to use an extra die in combat). Their long range fire killed two of the Uthuk flesh rippers, but was otherwise ineffective. 1VP
Turn 1 Daqan plan

Turn 1 Daqan result
The Uthuk began a battle march. The Chaos Lord moved forward to capture a victory banner and one unit of archers moved forward into the ford. Both left flank archer units then took shots at the forward unit of Daqan archers, killing 2 and forcing them to withdraw. 1VP.
Turn 1 Uthuk plan

Turn 1 Uthuk result
The Daqan responded with an attack from the centre. The mages on the right moved in front of the weakened archers and cast an ineffective spell at the injured unit of Fleshrippers. The magical energy did succeed in conjuring a magical shield on the nearby archers to help them in the future. Meanwhile the Siege Golem, infused with magical energy from the crystal spire, fired at the Chaos Lord with no result. The Mages on the left flank, moved forward into some trees and cast a spell at the Fleshrippers in front of them, only forcing them to withdraw. 1VP for a total of 2.

Turn 2 Daqan plan

Turn 2 Daqan result
The Uthuk commander gave the order to "darken the skies" and all three Viper Legion Archer units fired. Despite launching a total of 6 volleys, they only result was that the leading unit of Mages and Archers were poisoned.1 VP for a total of 2.
Turn 2 Uthuk plan

Turn 2 Uthuk result
The Daqan forces executed a left echelon manouevre. Two units of archers plus the golem fired at the Uthuk unit of Blood Harvesters in the centre. Only one was injured. 1VP for a total of 3.
Turn 3 Daqan plan
Turn 3 Daqan result
The Uthuk retaliated with an atack on their left flank. Both units of Fleshrippers advanced with the weakened one moving behind the buildings to use them as cover. One of the archer units supported the advance and fired at the Mages, scoring 1 hit. 1 VP for a total of 3.
Turn 3 Uthuk plan
Turn 3 Uthuk result
The Daqan, facing an imminent attack on their right by the Uthuk Fleshrippers, called for a "desperate ploy" The Mages and the larger unit of archers both fired on the Fleshrippers that had moved into the buildings. However, the buildings shielded the enemy and the only outcome was another magic shield for the archers. 1VP for a total of 4.
Turn 4 Daqan plan
Turn 4 Daqan result
The Uthuk then launched a cavalry charge. The two units of Fleshrippers on the left surrounded the Daqan Mages and ran them down. The smaller unit then turned on the archers and killed two more of them before forcing them backwards. On the right, the third unit of Fleshrippers advanced ready to support further attacks. 2VP for a total of 5.
Turn 4 Uthuk plan
Turn 4 Uthuk result

Fearing their right flank was about to be overrun, the Daqan committed the forces in their centre to an attack. The Mages in the woods pulled back to take aim at the Fleshrippers in the town and the Golem backed them up with heavy fire. The lone archer on the hill also fired at the weakened unit of Fleshrippers. The combined firepower drove the enemy away, but did no actual damage. 1VP for a total of 5.

Turn 5 Daqan plan

Turn 5 Daqan result

 The Uthuk continued the pressure on their left and ordered the two Fleshripper units to patrol and clean up the remaining Daqan light troops. However, they were obviously exhausted after their earlier charge and rapid retreat and they had no effect on the defending archers and Mages. 1 VP for a total of 6.

Turn 5 Uthuk plan

Turn 5 Uthuk result

The Daqan commander urged her remaining men on the right flank to use the "clash of steel" to repel the Fleshrippers. There must have been some whisky in their porridge that morning because the defenders not only held their ground, but managed to kill two of the fleshrippers and drive another one away. 1 VP for a total of 6.
Turn 6 Daqan plan

Turn 6 Daqan result
The Uthuk then began to switch their effort from left to right, using the centre as a wedge. One unit of Fleshrippers was ordered to continue cleaning up the Daqan light infantry, which they did by overrunning the Mages and then charging into the remaining archer. Meanwhile the Chaos Lord moved away from the victory banner freeing it up for a unit of archers to secure it and take a shot at the Golem to poison it as they did so. On the far right the Berserkers were ordered forward ready to charge. 3 VP for a total of 9.
Turn 6 Uthuk plan

Turn 6 Uthuk result

The Daqan were quick to counterattack, albeit they no longer had any troops on their right flank. The Golem used its lore to treat the poison and fired at the Fleshrippers, missing them. The Mages also attacked the Fleshrippers and did succeed in killing the one on the hill and using their magic to shield some nearby units. The archers straddling the centre and left flanks fired at the Uthuk archers forcing them to withdraw. 2VP for a total of 8.

Turn 7 Daqan plan

Turn 7 Daqan result

The Uthuk pursued their attack on their right flank. The Fleshrippers swung around the woods and charged a unit of archers, with the aid of the "fury of Y’llan" (rolling 5 dice). However, even calling on their chaos magic they did no damage and the archers fought back killing two of the Fleshrippers. The other Uthuk attacks faired no better and the Berserkers were pushed back. 1VP for a total of 10. 
Turn 7 Uthuk plan

Turn 7 Uthuk result

The Daqan responded my ordering a "battlemarch" and activating 3 units: the siege golem, the mages and a unit of archers. The mages and archers failed to do any damage to the depleted unit of Fleshrippers, but the siege golem managed to destroy them. 2VP for a total of 10.
Turn 8 Daqan plan

Turn 8 Daqan result

In response, the Uthuk could only muster enough units to patrol on the right flank. But it was enough to do the damage. The berserkers attacked one unit of Daqan archers and used their "thousand cuts" ability to wound the second unit, but were unable to capture the extra objective location. The Uthuk archers also fired on the mages, but merely succeeded in poisoning them. 3VP for a total of 13.

Turn 8 Uthuk plan

Turn 8 Uthuk result

The Daqan responded by patrolling their left flank, where the mages were the only unit available to attack. They used their magic to remove the poison, advanced to retake the objective and managed to injure one of the Uthuk berserkers. However, the berserkers fought back and also wounded a mage. 1VP for a total of 11.

Turn 9 Daqan plan

Turn 9 Daqan result
The Uthuk then launched an "onslaught", ordering 3 infantry units into the fray. The archers and berserkers used the fact they were flanking the mages to destroy them and capture the objective. 3Vp for a total of 16 and victory.
Turn 9 Uthuk plan

Turn 9 Uthuk result

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Who Will Win

I will be seeing my nephew in a few days, so I thought I would line up all my Tyranids for a photo to encourage him to get painting his Space Marines.

To be fair, not all of these are finished, so I need to get cracking on finishing them off.

The Battle Wing of 26 Space Marines consists of a Battle Sergeant, a tactical squad armed with stormbolters and power fists, a tactical squad armed with stormbolters and chain fists, a tactical squad armed with stormbolters and lightning claws, an assault squad armed with thunder hammers and storm shields, and a devastator squad (5 centurions) - 2 with lascannons, two with heavy bolters and 1 with grav cannons.

The tyranids include a hive tyrant, 5 carnifexes, 8 tyrant guard, 8 raveners, 6 lictors, a broodlord, 24 warriors, 128 genestealers, 112 hormagaunts, 144 termagants and various other bits and pieces. Hidden in amongst the horde is one of the original tyranid warriors from "advanced space crusade".(given the angle it is pretty hard to make out, but a hint is it is kind of in the middle)

Monday, March 12, 2018

Battlelore - The battle of the Crimson Roots

The conflict between the peace loving Uthuk Y’llan and the imperialist Daqan Lords has once again flared up after a surprise attack by the evil humans. While the Uthul Y’llan army was quietly resting, the Daqan cavalry, hidden by the "Barrow Mounds of the Gatesmen", launched a raid over the border in an attempt to desecrate the sacred "Crimson Roots".

(VP are awarded for occupying each of the two marked objective points. Additionally, the Daqan receive one VP if they have at least one unit of Golems on a hill at the end of their turn. The Uthuk receive one extra VP if both of the "Crimson Roots" locations are free of enemy.)

Initial Setup

The Daqan army began their attack on the left flank in an attempt to secure the vital ground between two woods.

In response, the Uthuk Y’llan troops on their own left flank, attacked with 3 units, including two units of archers that occupied the hills dominating that side of the battlefield. The right-most unit of archers fired an withering volley of arrows at the distant enemy archers, causing two hits and severely unsettling the overconfident Daqan princeling. Sadly, the other unit of archers was less accurate and did not complete the task.
(1 VP for Daqan, 2 for Uthuk)


Start of turn 2

The Daqan then formed a right echelon and moved their Rune Golems, supported by the cowardly Riverwatch Riders onto the high ground to their right. They attacked the Uthuk archers and wiped them out to occupy the vital ground (securing 3 VP for a total of 4).

The Uthuk initiated an infantry onslaught to deal with the enemy light cavalry before they could do further damage. However, the gods of lore were with the Daqan and the surprise of their otherwise pitiful battle-cry caused the two units of Uthuk Blood Harvesters to check their charge. Fortunately, the remaining unit of archers, who did not advance, were not phased and took careful aim to force the cavalry off the hill and re-occupy the crest.

End of Turn 2
The Daqan then launched their famous cavalry charge. The light cavalry on the right charged up the hill into the defending archers, while two units of cavalry on the left advanced to desecrate the sacred Crimson roots. (securing 3 more VP for a total of 7). 

Turn 3 Daqan Plan

End of Daqan Turn 3
The Uthuk then pursued their attack on the left, launching the unit of Flesh Ripper to swing behind the Daqan cavalry, and advancing one of the units of Blood Harvesters.

Turn 3 Uthuk Plan
The combined assault destroyed the cavalry and the Flesh Rippers occupied the crest again. The archers weer ordered to fire at whatever targets of opportunity arose, and succeeded in clearing away the remaining human archer. (however, this still only achieved 1 VP for a total of 5).

End of Uthuk Turn 3
The Daqan took a pause and merely patrolled on their right flank.

Turn 4 Daqan Plan
Both units of Golems lobbed rocks at the Uthuk Flesh Rippers, killing one and stunning the unit. (However, they still scored 2 VP, totalling 9).

End of Daqan Turn 4
The Uthuk launched a brutal counter attack in the centre, combining infantry, Flesh Rippers and the Doombringer to surround the Daqan cavalry.

Turn 4 Uthuk Plan
Both units of Daqan cavalry were all but destroyed and one of the Crimson Root groves was recovered. The Doombringer attempted to force the mages from their key location, but failed to achieve any useful result.  (this therefore only netted 1 VP for a total of 6).

End of Uthuk Turn 4
The Daqan chose to go all out and battle marched the Golems, the cavalry and a unit of Mages.

Turn 5 Daqan Plan
The Golems again captured the high ground on their right, and the cavalry on the left tried to push the Doombringer away from their objective. However, they did no damage and it battled back to push them into the forest. (The Daqan again held 3 VP for a total of 12)

End of Daqan Turn 5
The Uthuk had one last chance to reverse their fortune. They counter-attacked battle marching three of their own units on their right and using their lore to order a unit of Flesh Rippers across the battlefield to try to dislodge the Golems with an "unrelenting" attack.

Turn 5 Uthuk Plan
Despite surrounding every enemy unit they attacked, they only killed one Mage on the right. The Flesh Rippers managed to kill 2 of the Golems, but it was not enough and they were repulsed. (scoring a mere 1 VP for a total of 7)

End of Uthuk Turn 5
The Daqan adopted an echelon left manoeuvre.

Turn 6 Daqan Plan
This forced the Uthuk Flesh Rippers to withdraw, but otherwise made no impact. (It didn’t matter as they still held 3 VP for a total of 15 with no way for the Uthuk to prevent them scoring the required last point in the next turn).

End of Daqan Turn 6
The Uthuk lacked the means to order any activity on their left flank, so opted to clean up the remaining Daqan troops on their right.

Turn 6 Uthuk Plan
Once again they used superior numbers to surround the enemy and overran the Mages. Too late to really affect the outcome, the Chaos Lord finally woke up and used some lore to move into combat. (they scored 2 VP for a total of 9).

End of Uthuk Turn 6
With nothing left to lose, the Daqan cavalry tried once more to secure the objective on their left flank.
Turn 7 Daqan Plan
However, they were unable to overcome the ferocity of the Flesh Rippers, but it didn't matter. The Golems still held the right flank. (2 more VP for a total of 17 and victory)

End of Daqan Turn 7

In a desperate attempt at gaining some honour, the Uthuk feasted on the remaining Daqan cavalry and sent a unit of Flesh Rippers towards the Golems on their left.

Turn 7 Uthuk Plan
It was too little too late. (2 final VP, for a woeful total of 11).

End of Uthuk Turn 7
The Daqan decision to advance the Golems and occupy the hill that also contained an objective marker rewarded them with a stream of VP almost every turn, and protected the rear unit of Golems from any threat. In contrast, the Uthuk continued to neglect to the option to use lore to move the Chaos Lord forward each turn, so the most powerful unit in the army played no part in the battle. Both sides had their share of good and bad luck with the inability of the Uthuk to cause any wounds (despite better than 50% odds on every attack) on turn 5 making the difference between 3VP that turn and only 1 (and the reverse applied to the Daqan).

Now that war has begun, it will continue until one side is wiped from the realm.