Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cancon 2017

Well, Cancon is over again for another year.

What can I say? It was another big crowd. Lots of games going on. Lots of vendors. Lots of friends to catch up with.
Amongst the highlights was an interesting looking game based on the Russian invasion of Japan at the end of ww2.
 There was also a huge Flames of War game.
Along with the hordes of 40k, flames of war and other games with large followings.

Horse and musket was represented.
As was ancients,
28mm world war 2,
and even epic 40k.

Well done to the organisers.

I was lucky enough to play a few games with my friend Pete: Battlelore, Hold the Line and Burning of Prospero, as well as some family games with Nicole and her family: Sushi Go, Mexican Train, Qwirkle and Labyrinth.

All up, a great weekend.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Brickvention 2017

Its that time of year again for lots of lego at Brickvention.

This year I really liked the picnic and tea party displays.


There was also a theme of board games.

Of course the Thomas train set was great.

There was another one of those murals that have two pictures.

Other intersting displays include the d-day map.

The thinker

A teddy

Miracle on the Hudson


Looking forward to next year.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


We played a game of Aftershock last night. Remarkably, we did pretty well, ending with a total of 8 Relief Points and every player on a positive score.

This is an interesting game, both to play and because of its development background. It is a cooperative board game based on a humanitarian relief operation. It was designed by Rex Brynen and Thomas Fisher after a workshop at the 2013 Connections conference. While it is a fun recreational game, it is also used in workshops and political science courses.


Set in the fictitious country of Carana, four players - the Government, UN, NGOs and an international military task force - attempt relief operations after an earthquake. Each of the five districts in the country have a deck of cards that have to be "resolved" by providing the necessary resources such as food, water and medical supplies. However plans quickly come unstuck as event cards introduce disease, social unrest and general mayhem. Each player has slightly different strengths and victory conditions, but victory can only be achieved through coordination and cooperation.

I recommend having a look at the game. Proceeds from the sale go to the World Food Program

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Formula D 2016

We just had our annual Formula D game this afternoon. This year, I chose the Sochi track, which proved to be quite challenging. While the corners are fairly fast, the straights between them are at just the right offset to cause problems selecting a gear, particularly once the corners become congested.

It was fairly close for most of the race with a pack of 4 or more cars in contention for most of the running. This year, after a mid-race driver change, Tony/ Grace won, with Michael coming second, Jacqui coming third, Dave fourth and myself (Todd) a very distant, and damaged, fifth. Lee, Tim and Clare all crashed, and there was quite a bit of debris on the track by the end.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Brickvention 2016

Brickvention seemed even bigger and better this year.
There were many new impressive models to see. Some highlights below.



Lego at the Powerhouse Museum

Over Christmas, we went to the Powerhouse Museum (Sydney) and saw the lego DC Comic exhibition.

The "artwork" was pretty good and there was obviously a lot of work in making the statues and murals. However, the lighting was ridiculously dark and flash photography was banned. I have no idea why it needed to be quite that pretentious, they are not 15th Century oil paintings.

So the photos below are very grainy due to having to deal with the lighting.

I'm not sure when the exhibition finishes, but it is worth having a look if you get the chance.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Klingon Ships for FT

I have finally started painting the rest of the Klingon fleet. As motivation, I did the FT stats for the core ships. These ships should prove useful against the main Federation vessels found elsewhere in the blog.
Core Federation Ships
Additional Federation Ships
Variant Federation Ships

Note, the "D" weapons are "disruptors". These work the same as pulse torpedoes (photon torpedoes), except they do a fixed 2 pts of damage and cost a mass of 3 (+1 per extra arc) instead of 4.

First is the D5 War Cruiser. A medium sized ship built purely for war.

The D5W is an upgunned Heavy War Cruiser.

And finally, the venerable D7 Battlecruiser. A little less powerful than the Federation constitution class cruiser. Note, this ship is confugured with a science lab similar to the Federation cruiser. During a major war, that space may well be refitted to improve combat effectiveness.

While raising the subject of the science lab space, it might be appropriate to mention some rules. Typically, the Federation conducts research and exploration missions with its ships more often that military actions.
A ship conducting research (on a planet) must first establish orbit (see the FT rules), and then spend a turn collecting research data. For each point of lab space on the ship, roll a d6. A score of 5 results in one point of data collected , while a roll of a 6 results in one point, plus a re-roll. A typical mission might require accumulating 5 points of research to consider the mission successful. Of course, it wouldn't be a game if there wasn't an enemy vessel either trying to collect the scientific data first, or simply destroy the research vessel.
In a purely research oriented mission, a dedicated science vessel, with a larger lab, might be deployed to conduct the research, while being protected by a military vessel.