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Staking a Claim Near the River of Sleep

Daqan: Crossing the River of Sleep (C1)
Uthuk Y'llan: Staking a Claim (C1)

The peaceful Uthuk Y’llan simply want a place they can call home and have staked a claim on a river valley. However, the aggressive Daqan Lords have other plans and launched an attack hoping to catch the Uthuk sleeping. Fortunately, the Uthuk were reinforced with their heavy troops.

The Uthuk deployed 2 units of Viper Legion Archers, 2 units of Fleshripper Brutes, 2 units of Obscenes, a Doombringer led by a Chaos Lord. The Daqan deployed 2 units of Citadel Guard, 2 units of Riverwatch Riders, 2 units of Ironbound, 2 units of Rune Golems and a unit of Greyhaven Mages. The Daqan also began with 10 lore counters.

The Daqan objective was to occupy the objective markers, however, they would also gain 1VP per turn if there were no enemy units occupying either of the two villages. The Uthuk were also aiming for the two objective markers but also gained 1VP per turn if they occupied at least one of each different terrain type: plains, forest and hill. As usual, victory goes to the force that reaches 16 victory points.
Turn 1
The Daqan began the attack with a "line advance" moving one unit in each sector. On the right a unit of Golems occupied the rear village and the second unit of Golems advanced to occupy the forward village, On the left, a unit of Ironbound advanced to the closest objective marker. 2 VP.
Turn 1 Daqan Plan
Turn 1 Daqan Result
The Uthuk reacted quickly and launched a counterattack. On the right the Chaos Lord advanced to the closest objective. In the centre a unit of Vipers advanced onto the nearby hill, and on the left the other unit of Vipers advanced into the woods. 2VP.
Turn 1 Uthuk Plan
Turn 1 Uthuk Result
Turn 2
The Daqan attempted to surround the Uthuk forces. The Daqan used their magic to cast "crushing blow" on the Golems, allowing them to move and adding 3 combat dice. The Riverwatch raced to occupy the village vacated by the Golems while the Citadel Guards advanced to provide support. The Golems pummelled the defending Uthuk Obscenes and forced them back. However, the Obscenes were able to land a counter blow before withdrawing and killed two Golems. On the left, the Mages advanced supported by the rear unit of Ironbound. They cast a spell on the chaos lord but it had no effect. 2VP for a total of 4.

Turn 2 Daqan Plan

Turn 2 Daqan Result
The Uthuk reacted with the "patrol centre" command. The Obscenes and Doom Bringer both advanced and attacked the Golem on the hill on the left. However, the vile Daqan once again used their magic and cast "battle cry" which forced both Uthuk units to withdraw without combat. 2VP for a total of 4.
Turn 2 Uthuk Plan

Turn 2 Uthuk Result
Turn 3
The Daqan again ordered a line advance. In the centre, the light cavalry moved out of the village and attacked the Viper archers, scoring 2 kills, while the Citadel Guard on the right moved into the village. On the left, the Mages cast their magic against the Chaos Lord, scoring 2 hits. 2 VP for a total of 6.

Turn 3 Daqan Plan
Unfortunately the chronicler did not record an image after the Daqan assault.

The Uthuk reacted with an echelon left manouevre combined with the lore spell of "cannibalise" which allows a unit of Obscenes to recover their wounds if they eliminate an enemy unit. The Doom Bringer attacked the village, but had no effect, in part because the Daqan defenders used their lore to prevent a retreat. However, the Obscenes did succeed in destroying the last Golem. 2 VP for a total of 6.

Turn 3 Uthuk Result
Turn 4
The Daqan launched an attack on the right hoping the cavalry would push the Doom Bringer off the hill. They succeeded in scoring one hit but failed to make it withdraw. 2 VP for a total of 8.

Turn 4 Daqan Plan
Turn 4 Daqan Result

The Uthuk switched flanks and ordered a battle march. The Chaos Lord, Obscenes and Vipers on the right flank were ordered to attack. The Chaos Lord called on the aid of his lore in the hope of gaining extra distance, but his luck failed and he could only advance one hex to attack the Ironbound occupying the objective location. The Obscenes advanced with him to also confront the unit of Ironbound, while the Archers fired on the Mages. The assault by the Obscenes scored no damage at all, and they were wiped out by the Ironbound counter attack! The Chaos Lord scored a hit which was ignored by the armour of the Ironbound and although he also scored a flag the Daqan leader used his "valor and vengeance" lore to prevent the Ironbound from withdrawing off the objective. The only success was the archers who scored a hit which also poisoned the Mages. 2 VP for a total of 8.

Turn 4 Uthuk Plan

Turn 4 Uthuk Result
Turn 5
The Daqan reacted to the Uthuk assault and ordered an echelon left. The Ironbound attacked the Chaos Lord but only scored a single hit. The light cavalry in the centre attacked the Doom Bringer again and scored 2 hits but failed to force it to withdraw. 2 VP for a total of 10.

Turn 5 Daqan Plan

Turn 5 Daqan Result
As the battle neared its climax, the Uthuk ordered a clash of steel. The Doom Bringer on the left attacked the cavalry forcing them to retreat. The Chaos Lord attacked the Ironbound on the objective scoring a hit and 2 flags, one of which converted into another hit, and occupied the objective. 3 VP for a total of 11.

Turn 5 Uthuk Plan

Turn 5 Uthuk Result

Turn 6
The Daqan replied with their own clash of steel and the Ironbound attacked and killed the Chaos Lord! They then advanced to retake the objective. The Daqan also used their lore to gain an extra VP for destroying an enemy unit. 3VP for a total of 13.

Turn 6 Daqan Plan

Turn 6 Daqan Result
The Uthuk ordered a cavalry charge to bring the Flesh Rippers into the battle. One unit assaulted the Ironbound from the right but did no damage and were themselves damaged by the Ironbound counter-attack. The second unit on the left fared better and scored 2 hits on the Ironbound to destroy them and followed up with an attack on the cavalry to the rear scoring a hit and forcing them to withdraw 2 hexes. The Uthuk also used the opportunity to use their lore to gain an extra VP. 4 VP for a total of 15.
Turn 6 Uthuk Plan

Turn 6 Uthuk Result
Turn 7
The Daqan were now desperate and tried an attack in the centre combined with the use of lore to order the remaining unit of Ironbound to advance as well as the use of a portal to bring the rear unit of Golems onto the front line. On the left flank, the Citadel Guard, who were in the village, attacked the Doom Bringer scoring a hit and forcing it to withdraw off the hill. The Ironbound attacked the Flesh Rippers with an extra combat die scoring a hit and a flag, which caused a second hit. However, it was not enough to destroy them and when they counter-attacked they scored 2 hits on the Ironbound. The Golems attacked the archers but only killed 1. 1 VP for a total of 14. (note, had both attacks on the Daqan left flank worked, they would have scored 3 VP and won)

Turn 7 Daqan Plan

Turn 7 Daqan Result

With luck on their side, the Uthuk Doom Bringer returned to the hill and the remaining troops held their ground. 3 VP for a total of 18.

Turn 7 Uthuk Plan

Turn 7 Uthuk Result
The remaining Daqan withdrew leaving the field to the Uthuk Y'llan. The score if now 2 wins each,

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