Friday, March 12, 2010

Clone Wars Ships

In response to a question posted to TMP, I have uploaded the following Full Thrust ship SSDs. These were created in about 2008 and were based on the models produced by wizards of the coast. Because the models are themselves physically quite large, I allocated them quite a lot of mass just in case I ever decided to use them with my standard GZG fleets.

The games were intended to be an introduction for players who had never played FT before. Hence, I did not inlcude any fighters. The SML launchers on the Republic ships were intended to replace their capacity to launch fighter based assaults.

I did not do a Trade Fed carrier because I wanted the two fleets to play slightly differently.

Trade Federation Destroyer (#33)
Mass 140
NPV 467

Trade Federation Battleship (#37)
Mass 330
NPV 945

Republic Star Destroyer (#6)
Mass 200
NPV 654

Republic Cruiser (#11)
Mass 121
NPV 395

Republic Assault Ship (#5)
Mass 204
NPV 663


  1. some of these ae nice minis are they still available?

    were there any stats/tonnages for the SW ships published?

    the TF battleships seems verry very large!

  2. g'day Bob. No idea if the minis are still available. Check the wizards of the coast web site, or your local game supplier.

    They are all quite large minis. The TF BB is around 8-10cm in diameter (I don't have one handy to measure). It is basically a large space station. I chose to give all the ships a large mass because they are physically so much bigger than my NSL fleet. You could scale them all down to match the mass ratings of standard ships from FB1 if you wanted. As far as I recall, no tonnages were published with the ships, but I suspect the star wars rpg might have a book or two with ship ratings etc. That's an expense I can't justify just to look up some numbers. I better look up the cards that come with the ships again, just to see what info is printed on them.

    They are pretty good minis and being pre-painted you just throw them straight onto the table. The random packaging of CMGs is a bit of a pain. You can probably get specific ships via ebay.