Monday, April 19, 2010

The Tyranid Forces

The Tyranid forces for the previous battle report were:

2 broods of 8 gaunts with fleshborers. Quality green (d6), LD 1, Mob 6, arm d4, FP 1, I d8, Attack 1, damage d6. Move through cover.

2 broods of 8 gaunts with devourers. Quality green (d6), LD 1, Mob 6, arm d4, FP 3, I d6, Attack 1, damage d6. Move through cover.

2 broods of 8 hormagaunts. Quality green (d6), LD 1, Mob 8, arm d4, FP 0, I 0, Attack 3, damage d6. Move through cover, fleet, bounding leap.

1 brood of 8 genestealers. Quality green (d6), LD 1, Mob 8, arm d8, FP 0, I 0, Attack 2, damage d8. Move through cover, fleet, rending.

4 mine nodules

All Tyranids (except genestealers) are subject to the hive mind and instinctive behaviour. This means that when they are activated, they will either ‘lurk’ or ‘feed’. A unit that is lurking may only move toward an enemy unit if it is moving towards cover. They will not close assault an enemy. A unit that is feeding will always move towards the nearest enemy and will close assault if possible. Only the intervention of the hive mind can alter this behaviour. Synapse creatures, that have a close link with the hive mind, can attempt a communications test to activate other broods in the same way that human leaders can activate subordinate units. When activated in this way, the brood will obey the hive mind unquestioningly. Tyranids always have a high motivation.

Genestealers activate and move according to the normal rules and have their own confidence. They are designed to be killers in close combat. As a result, whenever they are involved in close combat, they use a quality die of d10 instead of their normal d6. This applies when they are testing confidence to assault, testing at the end of a combat round and when they are rolling for attack and defence in close combat (see house rules).

Move through cover: Treat all terrain as one class better than it is. For example rough terrain is treated as clear.

Fleet: Add 2” to movement.

Bounding leap: Ignore movement cost to cross obstacles/ climb buildings.

Rending: Opponents receives negative one die shift to armour type.

Spore Mines: Move 1d6” towards nearest enemy. If within 3” they explode with a 3” burst. Impact d8. Each turn, every active nodule produces a new spore mine.

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