Sunday, February 20, 2011

First Battle of Nanath 2.1

Commodore Stilicho commanding Imperial Dreadnought Tethys.


On station with Hyperion orbitting Nanath 2.1.

Long range surveyors detect 3 unidentified vessels entering system Turning to investigate.

[17 minutes elapse]

Tethys to Fleet HQ.

Three Xenos strike craft line abreast on direct approach to Natath 2.1. Approaching intercept range in one minute. Will engage.

Designate targets one, two and three.

Tethys Actual to Hyperion. Hang back. We will engage and seek to disrup enemy formation.

Target xray three. Launch torpedoes as we close.

Torpedoes launched.

Hyperion has launched torpedoes.

Surveyors report plasma bolts launched from all three enemy vessels. Impact in three seconds.


Point defence systems did not engage.

Close range fire from all three xrays. Brace. Brace. Brace.

Sustained heavy damage on all decks.

One starboard lance battery is out.

Fire control systems are damaged. Minimal cogitator functions remain. We can only target one ship.

Warp drive is disabled.

Targeting surveyors report none of our torpedoes hit. Negative damage. Repeat negative damage.

Guns are scoring minor hits.

Xray one and two are slowing down. Xray three is maintaining course.

Signal Hyperion. Concentrate fire on xray three.

Helm, get us turned around. But stay clear of that close range fire.

Signal Hyperion. Maintain distance. We outgun them as long as we stay out of range of those close guns.

Fire another torpedo salvo before we are out of range.

Brace for Impact. Brace for impact. Plasma bolt inbound.

Plasma bolt succesfully intercepted.

Surveyors report significant damage to xray three. All torpedoes hit.

Xray three is venting ... something. It looks like it is severely damaged.

Hyperion is pursuing.

Xray one and two are turning towards Hyperion.

We are drifting too far away. Helm, get us back in this fight.

Xray three destroyed. Hyperion engaging xray two with long range lance fire.

Hyperion launching torpedoes.


Lance strike on target.

Xray two destroyed.

Xray one has launched another plasma bolt.

Hyperion reports minor damage to hull plating. Continuing on intercept course.

Three minutes until we are in range again.

Damage control reports we are venting atmosphere in multiple breaches. We have fires on many decks. Life support may be compromised.

We still have guns. We just need to get close enough to use them.

Hyperion continuing to engage xray one. Hyperion is taking hits on her hull. Damage minimal.

Another plasma bolt. Hyperion reports succesful intercetp. Minor damage.

Torpedo strike. Xray three badly damaged.

Hyperion reports all torpedoes expended. Maintaining distance and circling target.

Xray three is drifting. It looks like it has lost power.

We will be in range in 10 seconds.

Hyperion firing again. Major lance strike. Xray three is breaking up.

Firing now. Hit Hit Hit. Xray three is destroyed.

We are still loosing atmosphere.

Hyperion reports minimal structural damage. She is turning to assist.

Is the plot clear?

No targets remain. The plot is clear sir.

Signal abandon ship. All unecessary crew to escape in life pods. Signal Hyperion to collect survivors.

Volunteers will stay aboard to nurse us home.

Signal Fleet HQ, a tug would be appreciated.

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