Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cancon 2017

Well, Cancon is over again for another year.

What can I say? It was another big crowd. Lots of games going on. Lots of vendors. Lots of friends to catch up with.
Amongst the highlights was an interesting looking game based on the Russian invasion of Japan at the end of ww2.
 There was also a huge Flames of War game.
Along with the hordes of 40k, flames of war and other games with large followings.

Horse and musket was represented.
As was ancients,
28mm world war 2,
and even epic 40k.

Well done to the organisers.

I was lucky enough to play a few games with my friend Pete: Battlelore, Hold the Line and Burning of Prospero, as well as some family games with Nicole and her family: Sushi Go, Mexican Train, Qwirkle and Labyrinth.

All up, a great weekend.

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