Monday, February 8, 2010

Imperial Lunar Class Cruiser

The lunar class cruiser is one of the major cruiser designs.

Like most imperial ships, it mounts its weapons along the length of the ship in two broadsides. The starboard broadside consists of:

1 heavy (class 3) beam (weapons batteries) limited to starboard for and aft arcs (FS, AS); and
2 torpedo tubes firing for and aft (FS, AS).

The port broadside is the mirror image.

The broadside firepower is supplemented by a forward firing (FP, F, FS) salvo-missile launcher, 2 light (class 1) beams, and 4 point defence systems.

All of this firepower is coordinated through 3 fire control computers.

This class of ship is reasonably well constructed and well manned. It is also equipped with level one screens and a small amount of armour. It has acceptable thrust for a ship of this size.

This class of ship forms the basis of a number of similar ships.

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