Friday, February 19, 2010

Scenario 1. Interception

This scenario pits a Lunar class cruiser - The Emperor's Wrath - against a hive ship. It is a very one-sided scenario as the cruiser has considerably more mass than the hive ship.

The setup is very simple. Each ship starts in opposite corners of the same short table edge heading towards the centre of the table on an intercept course.

Battle Report:

There was a slight jolt as the ship returned to real space.

“We’ve just emerged in the Anglia system, sir” announced the navigator.

“Unknown contact starboard aft, moving toward us” the scanner operator interrupted excitedly. Then added “ It’s definitely a ship and there’s no IFF signal.”

“Helm, turn to intercept it” the captain responded calmly. “EX, sound action stations. Weapons, launch some sensor drones. I want to know what that is.”

“Drones launched sir. It’ll take a couple of minutes for them to cover the distance.”

“Oh, its them alright” said the hooded officer from his darkened corner of the bridge.

“You can sense them from here?” asked the captain sceptically.

“An evil that strong pervades even the vacuum. Yes, it’s them, and they are hungry.”

“Confirmed sir. The drones have it. It’s a hive ship. We’ll get video in a few seconds.”

The screen lit up with a pixelated blob that gradually resolved into – what? A tentacled writhing mass of vile warpspawn.

“Emperor protect us”, murmured someone.

“Fire as soon as we are in range. Then turn to port and follow it. Nav, calculate the burn we will need to match their velocity. Comms, notify the local authorities we are here and are engaging.”

“Ten seconds sir”, the weapons officer intoned. “Seven ... six ... five ... four ... three ... Firing ... Now.”

Both ships accelerated toward one another and the ‘Wrath’ fired as soon as it entered maximum range. At that range, the weak energy beams were deflected by the Tyranid’s vapour shroud.

“It seems to have some sort of energy shield, sir. Fire was ineffective.” The weapons officer reported.

“Fire a torpedo salvo and turn as we close to bring the starboard broadside to bear. At closer range we should do some damage.” The captain calmly instructed.

“It has launched some sort of projectile at us. PDS engaging.” The ship shook and alarms blared as a large explosion rocked the ship. “Minor damage sir, but is has blown away most of our armour.” At almost the same instant, two of the Wrath’s torpedoes locked onto the alien vessel and impacted blasting biomass into space.

“It has turned towards us, sir” the sensor operator reported.

“Fire another torpedo salvo. All weapons fire at will.”

Another volley of torpedoes locked on and exploded along the forward edge of the hive ship. This was quickly followed by a full broadside of weapons and lances. The hive ship disintegrated in a series of internal explosions with biomass scattered in all directions.

“Target destroyed” stated the weapons officer matter-of-factly.

“Well done, gentlemen. Nav, plot a course for Mercia.” But even as the words left his mouth, the Captain could tell from the grin on the hooded Psyker’s face that it was not that simple.

“Another target, sir. Coming in right behind us. It looks like another one” announced the sensor operator.

“Helm, turn us about. Nav, match its velocity. Weapons, stand by. Engage at will.”

To be continued...

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